Rotating Oven

forno rotante o statico MAM

For those who want to combine ease of use and optimisation of processing times

The ideal solution for restaurants with a high output of pizzas. Simple to program and adaptable to any requirement, the oven with its rotating cooking deck allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout the deck and cook pizzas evenly.


Thanks to this solution, it is no longer necessary to turn the pizzas once they are in the oven; they can simply be taken out of the oven as soon as they are cooked.


Static Ovens

forno statico MAM

For those who don't want to abandon tradition without sacrificing optimum cooking quality


Created in the 1970s and subsequently modified to improve its performance, it remains the best-known and most popular MAM oven among pizza-makers all over the world.

The MAM oven is the most popular oven in the world.