The shapes change, but not the substance. The quality of our pizza ovens remains the same! We offer professional solutions in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be configured or customised to suit your needs.

forno napoli MAM





The tradition and quality of MAM's prefabricated ovens combined with the insurmountable Neapolitan shape creates a compelling combination.

Available in various mosaic colours and also unfinished to be finished as desired.

According to tradition, pizza is still baked exclusively in wood-fired or gas ovens where a baking temperature of 300 to 400°C is reached, which is essential to obtain the real Neapolitan pizza and not.

Available in various mosaic colours and also raw to be finished as you like.

forno a cupola MAM





Exterior insulating concrete oven in the shape of a dome so that it can be painted as desired or covered in mosaic directly by the customer at a later date.

Ideal for those who want to personalise the oven with materials, paints and fillers suitable for their premises, we can supply the oven painted in the colour of your choice.


forno standard MAM





Outdoor oven made of self-supporting pre-stressed sheet metal, suitable for being left exposed or covered, ideal for those who want to cover or embed the oven according to the design of the room with masonry, plasterboard, panels, fibreglass sheets, etc...

forno Torino MAM





Oven with a rounded design. Whether left exposed, painted the desired colour, antiqued with a rust effect or covered with a mosaic, it stands out for its modern and attractive look. Also available in a rotating version.

The Finishes

Customise your oven with the finish of your choice.



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