This oven is considered to be the workhorse of the MAM company, it was created in the 1970s and then modified to improve its performance even more, and is still the best known and most appreciated oven by pizza makers all over the world. Ideal for pizzerias that want to maintain the tradition of the static oven without renouncing to an excellent baking quality.

The MAM traditional wood-fired oven is made of vibrated refractory material and can be supplied with a gas burner.

The MAM traditional oven is made of 9 pieces of baked vibrated refractory, 10 cm thick, which allows for maximum yield with less consumption.


Bakes in a maximum of 2½ minutes. MAM's traditional oven can be switched on in just 15-20 minutes, as it maintains almost the same temperature as the previous evening.

Mam forno per pizza milano
Mam forno per pizza milano

Available in diameters

Ø 110 - Ø 120 - Ø 140 - Ø 160 - Ø 180x140
Wall Embedded
fuoco legna
Wood-fired cooking
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Gas cooking
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Combined cooking

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