This type of oven is perfect for the restaurants that need to bake a big quantity of pizzas and that want to boost productivity with no need of additional personnel feeling less tired and improving its product.

The rotating oven is easy to programme and adapts to any needs. The control panel consists of a programmable consol with a digital display indicating the temperature and baking times which you can programme at the beginning of the work with the automatic function.

If, however, you would prefer to use the manual function, by means of a single command you can change the rotation speed of the baking top during the process. The rotating oven guarantees the greatest yield with a low consumption even in extended use.


The rotation of the baking top will guarantee a uniform temperature on the whole baking top and consequently pizzas will be baked uniformously. Thanks to this process it is no longer necessary to rotate the pizzas once you have put them into the oven, but you will only have to take them out of the oven once the will be baked optimizing in this way the pizza maker’s work.

forno rotante 2 bocche mam
forno rotante 2 bocche mam

Available in diameters

Ø 135 - Ø 145
Rotating Oven
Wall Embedded
fuoco legna
Wood-fired cooking
icon multi
Combined cooking

Control Panel


quadro comandi forno per pizze MAM

With this touch control panel you can manage all functions of the oven:

  • temperature display;
  • rotation speed to put pizzas into the oven;
  • rotation speed for baking and the timed cooking time that with a beep will alert you when pizzas are baked.
  • all the burner management both floor and domes, with automatic and manual functions and with pre-ignition of the burner.



quadro comandi forno per pizze MAMWith this control panel you can adjust the rotating speed while putting pizzas into the oven as well as the baking rotating speed.


The baking time, timed by means of a timer, will inform with a sound signal that pizzas are baked. 







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