Double or single axis trailerwood oven

mam on the road


  • double or single axis trailerwood
  • diameter from 80 to 140 
  • optional extractable baking bench
  • mosaic or painted finishing
  • big space for everything
  • opening doors



Available in other dimensions and single axle trailer


Ideal for those who want to have a mobile pizzeria for exhibitions, events, rentals, village festivals, courses etc.

mam on the road

Mam on the road is an absolute novelty for the Italian and foreign markets.
It was designed in collaboration with a company from Modena specialized in mobile kitchens equipments for Motogp, Formula one, Sbk etc


I t’s devised for professional ovens for pizzeria, and equipped with a very comfortable stainless steel bench for a convenient processing and with three doors to store the chimney, the equipment and the wood for cooking.



Do you need a driving licence?


The driving licence B96 has been available since 19 January 2013.It’s a very special and useful license for those who want to handle trailers of a certain size with their car.


With this special license the maximum permissible mass of a vehicle with a trailer rose from 3,500 to 4,500 kg.What’s interesting is that, unlike the BE, this new license B96 can be obtained immediately without passing two exams. A simple skills test is enough.This is because B96 is considered to all effects just a more “powerful” B.


The Ministry has come out with a series of circulars  (n. 2461, n. 5306, n. 10313) to clarify everything well.