Thanks to the original design of the first gas burner, the MAM company has revolutionized the cooking of food inside the pizza oven. The MAM ovens equipped with a gas burner guarantee homogeneous cooking combined with extreme ease of use.


The MODULAR FIRE is an atmospheric burner entirely made in Italy with a thermal power ranging from 5 kW to 34 kW and therefore does not require the use of noisy fans or any authorization from the fire department. The burner is positioned directly on the top inside the cooking chamber on the left or right side.


The MAM Company issues the CE (European) Certification and the complete warranty only on the furnaces and/or burners it produces, sells and installs and provides an efficient after-sales technical service.

display bruciatore gas forni MAM

display forni MAMDisplay


It displays the oven temperature, set cooking temperature, automatic/manual operation, flame power bar, clock, programmed pre-ignition with timer, timed booster.





Caratteristiche Tecniche bruciatore epr forno Gas MAM




Cost reduction

riduzione costi di gestione forni MAM

Ideal for reducing operating costs: with the innovative automatic pre-ignition the oven can be switched on automatically without the presence of an operator.

Pulsed wood-effect flame for homogeneous cooking without sudden changes in heat. The temperature can be adjusted and displayed quickly and easily.

Reduction in consumption

Riduzione dei consumi con i forni a gas MAM

Thanks to the modular flame, it is possible to significantly reduce consumption by regulating the use of fuel according to the actual cooking requirements.

If no orders are received, the burner can be lowered or even switched off and then switched on again when new orders are received.






forno combinato mam bruciatore


With this new combined power supply system, it is possible to:

  • pre-heat the oven with gas and then use it with wood. In this case you do not need to light it with wood, but simply turn on the gas system to bring it up to a temperature of about 300°C. Then you turn off the gas system and put the wood in the space provided for cooking pizzas.
  • use the oven only with wood, but only with gas.
  • use the oven only with gas, i.e. both heating and baking are carried out with gas only
  • use the oven also using only wood

    More space for your pizzas

    capienza forni pizza gas

    By reducing the space reserved for combustion, with the same external dimensions, it is possible to increase the cooking space and cook up to 3 more pizzas

    Weakened burners

    Bruciatore forni per pizza MAM

    Thanks to the new 17 kw weakened burners, it is possible to insert 2 furnaces in the same environment without exceeding the legal limit of 34 kw.


    progetto bruciatore forno MAM

    The Modular Fire burner has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with a world leading burner manufacturer and is approved by IMQ directly on the MAM furnace.

    The oven is equipped with an advanced control unit, specifically designed for homogeneous cooking and low consumption in full respect of the environment.

    Underplate burner

    bruciatore sottopiastra per forni per pizze mam

    With this auxiliary heating system it is possible to maintain the cooking temperature of the stalls whatever the workload, absolutely eliminating the cooling due to intensive use.

    This way we can guarantee a constant and ideal quality of pizza baking when the influx of customers increases.

    Pizza in MAM ovens does not have to be "turned" because the rotating top allows for completely uniform baking, which speeds up production.

    This means that we can guarantee constant and ideal baking quality when the number of customers increases.