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forno rotante o statico MAM


The M.A.M. static ovens are appreciated by all those operators who do not want to leave the tradition of prefabricated ovens with fixed floor of Italian production with unique construction characteristics in the sector.


But for those who want even more versatility, the rotating oven offer a completely uniform baking, speeding up production, improving baking quality, and facilitated daily work.





We change the shape but not the substance.

Customise your oven to make it more suitable for your space or more practical to assemble. MAM solutions include different finishes for different oven shapes, from glass-marble mosaic, ceramic or customisable with paint or stucco.

Our ovens can be customised to make them more suitable for your room or more practical to assemble.

Our ovens can be covered or recessed, or left in plain sight, giving a personal touch to the whole room.


bocche forni MAM


Different sizes for different needs.

Choosing the size of the oven door is important for many reasons, a small mouth improves performance and reduces consumption. A larger oven mouth allows for better handling and flame control, which is recommended for large pizzas.

In addition to the size, you can also choose the materials and decorative elements.


forno combinato MAM


Wood, Gas or the best of both worlds.

The wood-fired stove is the tradition that never goes out of fashion. Low fuel consumption, low emissions and a high production yield.

The Gas oven cleaning, speed and productivity while respecting the environment. like a wood oven but without the problems of soot, ash and wood storage.

Combined cooking: for those who are not satisfied, the combined oven is the best solution. The convenience of gas combined with the quality of traditional cooking.

Who we are

The history of MAM ovens began in the 1960s and over the years the MAM pizza oven has evolved with the integration of new technologies that have led the company to become a leading manufacturer of wood-fired ovens in Italy and the rest of the world.


An avant-garde product of the highest quality, 100% made in Italy, manufactured entirely in Modena, which stands out for its ease of use, durability over the years and low energy consumption to operate it.



MAM, 40 real years of experience.




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