Why M.A.M oven’s baking surface is made into WEDGES?

The surface is made into wedges to withstand the stresses that are inevitably caused by the high temperatures the oven reaches when it is operating. Thanks to this device, the baking surface may expand and settle without cracks.



Delivery times: 

Delivery times are approximately 20 days from date of order.According to customer needs, the oven can be supplied in the following ways:- already assembled and to be sent by courier- disassembled and to be shipped by courier together with assembly manual or DVD. (Only for static ovens)- disassembled and to be shipped by courier. The assembly will be performed by our technician. This solution is used for long distance deliveries- delivered disassembled, transported at destination with our vehicle and assembled directly into the room- collected by the customer at M.A.M.




10 years on the parts in refractory material.24 months on electrical and mechanical parts (to be returned).




If necessary, our technicians can perform inspections and provide technical support on the spot.



Why was Mam rotating oven designed?

To meet the operator’s needs:- the rotating surface allows the pizza maker to speed up his work,- the pizza maker avoids burning or breaking the pizza during baking phase because he doesn’t have to turn them- the baking surface has a uniform temperature- costs (e.g. of the staff) and consumptions are reduced- its use is easier and more manageable




Our company provides its customers with its technicians or collaborators to resolve any failure as quickly as possible.



What is the rotating surface useful for? 

The rotation of the baking surface makes the operations of getting pizzas into and out of the oven easier: it will be enough to place the pizzas at the entrance of the oven door without having to constantly turn them during the baking phase.The baking surface of the Rotating oven M.A.M. is a plate that, thanks to its rotating movement, makes the temperature uniform throughout the entire oven.The rotating surface ensures a homogeneous baking and a higher quality making the Restaurant’s owner save money on the personnel costs and increasing in this way the productivity of the oven.




All Mam Ovens, both gas and wood-burning, are IMQ certified and ca be installed without problems.



Can MAM ovens be installed at sight in the Restaurants?

Yes, they can be installed at sight, since gas and wood burning ovens do not exceed the Kw power that would prohibit it.



Which power does the gas burner have? 

The gas burner has a power of 29,000 kilocalories, suitable to be mounted without special permits.The customer can also use an under-potentiated model making it possible the installation of 2 gas ovens without permissions.



How long has MAM company been manufacturing pizza ovens? 

MAM company has been manufacturing pizza ovens since 1970 when Cav. Malaguti Aurelio designed the first mould to manufacture prefabricated ovens.Until that time no other manufacturer of ovens used this method which proved to be the most copied … though a copy not always means the same. Beware of imitations.



What are the differences between EASY and Traditional ovens? 

In the static ovens EASY, which are more compact, the thickness of the refractory material of the surfaces and domes is lower than Traditional ovens.In rotating EASY ovens the mechanical system of rotation and the electronic checking system are different from the Traditional ones; in addition, in order to have a lower consumption and lower costs, EASY rotating ovens have a single door to put both pizzas and wood into the oven.