Accessories help you to complete your pizza oven and make it even more functional.


We have selected a wide range of elements that integrate perfectly, e.g. you can add a sill, a lower shelf, auxiliary lighting, emergency power supply, wheels, smoke purifiers and much more.

Marble sill

davanzalino accessori MAM

A very useful and convenient accessory indispensable when baking pizzas.

This element made of marble is placed in front of the oven door.

Front metal closing sheet

Chiusura Frontale in metallo MAM

The solution that allows you to cover the front part of the structure that supports the oven for baking pizzas.


Metal lateral closing (3 sheets)

Chiusure metalliche (3 lati) MAM

An optimal solution that allows you to cover all three sides of the structure supporting the oven for baking pizzas.

Lower metal sheet

Piano di appoggio inferiore MAM

Support shelves are always useful in any restaurant or pizzeria.

This support is installed in the lower part of the structure that supports the pizza oven.

Auxiliary light

luce per forni MAM

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UPS gruppo di continuità per forni MAM

The UPS power supply allows you to be operational at all times in the event of a power failure.


ruote per forni mam

For quick and convenient handling of your pizza oven.

Fume purifier

depuratore fumi MAM

A new system capable of purifying smoke and soot.


This solution enables you to break down all the soot particles created inside the chimney, thus preventing air pollution and the possibility of fire from wood combustion.